Sexist Washing Instruction Labels Tell Men

April 15, 2015

Sexist Washing Instruction Labels Tell Men to “Give This Jersey to Your Woman, It’s Her Job”

While the Salvation Army was celebrating International Woman’s Day with a powerful ad campaign about domestic violence awareness, a sportswear company from Indonesia was trying to save itself on social media after being called out for the sexist labels printed inside of their soccer jerseys.

According to the BBC, Salvo Sports printed washing instruction labels inside of their Pusamania Borneo jerseys that read “Give this jersey to your woman, it’s her job.” The company responded to criticism online with a series of tweets that don’t really amount to much of an apology. Instead the company tried to justify the labels by saying what translates to “the message is simply, instead of washing it in the wrong way, you might as well give it to a lady because they are more capable…There is no intention to humiliate women. In contrast [we want to tell the men] learn from women how to take care of clothes. Once again we apologize for the inconvenience. That is all and thank you.‚Äč”

Trying to flip “it’s her job” to mean that women are more skilled than men in the art of laundry is so weak, but it’s their story and it looks like they are sticking to it. Maybe next time they’ll add a line about your woman making you a sandwich. (


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April 14, 2015

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